Hey You: Happy New Year

Hey You – As they say, New Year, New You.  Like literally.  It is officially 2018, the year of you.  As you will soon learn, New Year’s Eve is a big deal for a lot of people.  It is a night marked with parties, confetti, and kisses (ewwwww).  This year mommy and daddy played it low key.  We stayed in and watched all the concerts on TV.  Backstreet Boys (not so good), Celine (Always a treat), Brittany Spears (She killed it) and more.  At 11:50, Mariah Carey came on and sang a couple songs.  It was the type of performance that everyone wanted to see because last year she was terrible….like really terrible.  I bet people still talk about it now.

Any way.  She wrapped around 11:55 and so did Mommy and Daddy.  We passed out and completely missed the New Year. So lame.  We promise to be cooler when you are older…..or at least Mommy will be.  Daddy will never be cool.

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