Hey You: Lesson 16

Hey You –

Today is the best day on the sporting calendar.  The First Day of March Madness, the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Over the next two days 32 games will be played. There are brackets and boxes and all sorts of ways to bet on the event. And it is the best TV event of the year.  It makes Daddy almost as happy as you do.

That brings us to Syracuse.  You may have just started reading this, but you already know what Syracuse it because I bet I started brainwashing you day one.  Also, out of curiosity did Mommy let me slip a James into your name?  Any way, we have a lot of bonding to do over March Madness in the future.  So far Syracuse had beaten Arizona St last night and they play TCU tomorrow.

Update: They beat TCU!  Michigan St is next.  No chance we win that one.  But that’s ok, Daddy only gets sad if Syracuse gets upset by a lower seed

Update 2: They beat Michigan State!  Duke is next.  Syracuse doesn’t stand a chance,

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