Hey You: Prologue

Hey You.

You don’t know me yet, but it’s me, your dad.  Your Mom tells me you are starting to hear things, so hopefully the acoustics in there makes my singing voice sound much better.  And sorry for the screaming during Syracuse games.

I know this is all crazy right now, but let’s start at the beginning.

I first met your Mom on October 5.  I met Tio Joyce at a bar in New York City called Toad Hall.  That night we were going to the Canal Room to celebrate Bianca’s birthday at the Bayside Tigers concert.  Mom was there with Auntie Colleen.  I noticed her right away looking sooooo cute.  While walking to the concert, I attempted to strike up a conversation:

Dad: Hey, I’m Nick
Mom: Sonya
Dad: Where do you live?
Mom: Philadelphia
(Mom walks away quickly and they never speak again)

They next day, Auntie Col and Tio Joyce tried to play matchmaker, but nothing panned out.  Plus, you know, that whole NYC/Philly thing was a road block.

Fast forward to May. 2013  At the Joyce Wedding, both Mom and Dad were in attendance.  But as fate would have it.  Zero interaction.  (Mom was banished to the backroom).  This was the closest they got to meeting again.193

But you know what they say, third time is the charm.  Fast forward to July 2013.  Dad heads down to Sea Isle to meet up with the Joyces again.  While at the shore house, Dad strikes up conversation with Mom, gets her a chair during the Cinco de Julio Pinata Challenge, and survives a two day long interview.  They start texting regularly after that and in September they start dating.

October 2013; Mom asks Dad if she can ask a tough question.  Dad responds “Yes, I would love to be your date to your brothers wedding.”  He meets the family.  They approve.

November 2013; Dad first tells Mom that he loves her while in Central Park.  Mom waits 4 hours before responding.

July 2015; Mom and Dad move to Connecticut together.

October 2015; Dad finally proposes.  He has a surprise party set up for afterwards, but Mom tries her best to spoil the plans

December 16, 2016; Mom and Dad have the best wedding ever (Note: We may be bias)

August 2017; We find out about you.

Our lives will never be the same and we couldn’t be more excited.

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