Hey You: Week 18

Hey You.

Just want to thank you.  Thank you for finally letting go of your Mom’s gag reflex.  She spent waaaaaayy to much time puking before.  So much so that she got in trouble at the doctors office because she was losing weight instead of gaining weight.  But now that is over.  And we are entering the fun phase.  Cravings.

Dad’s cravings don’t really matter much in terms of the whole scope of pregnancy, but since I am the one writing this I get to tell you anyway.  If 2017 had to be given a name, I would dub it: “THE YEAR OF CHICK-FIL-A.” Not only did I finally come to the realization of how great it is, they also built one within 5 minutes of our apartment.  And you know what your Mom had for the second time yesterday and  is now craving daily?  Chick-Fil-A.

Everybody wins!

So yea…Thank you.

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